Relieving Inflation or Palliative Self-destruction?


Σειρά Δημοσιεύσεων Οικονομικού Τμήματος, Αρ. 48.


If someone represents her/himself as a “Greek economist”, she/ he risks to receive the sarcasm of the credulous reproducers of international stereotypes. Yet, instead of being “stigmatized”, I rather feel “blessed”.

In a way, the coincidence – incidental or not – of the outbreak of international systemic crisis with the concentration of domestic inefficiencies in the Greek society and economy, assisted by the profound structural weaknesses of the €-zone, highlighted Greece as a critical case-study with respect to the effectiveness of the neoliberal prescription. In that sense, Greek social scientists and activists receive an attention that is disproportionately big, compared to the importance of the Greek economy for the international market.

Κατεβάστε ολόκληρο το κείμενο της δημοσίευσης εδώ.

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