Privatisation of Public Assets; A Way to a More Competitive Economy or an exercise to Orwellian Doublespeak


Σειρά Δημοσιεύσεων Οικονομικού Τμήματος, Αρ. 60

Since 2010 the European Commission, the IMF and the Greek and European economic and political elites with the theoretical backing of the neoliberal ideologues have imposed a cruel internal devaluation on the Greek nation that has generated an economic collapse of the Greek economy unlike any seen in Europe since WWII. This misanthropic austerity demands cuts in wages and pensions, increases in taxation, total relaxation of any collective agreement, redundancies for public sector employees and severe cuts in funding for an already underfunded health system.

Κατεβάστε ολόκληρο το κείμενο της δημοσίευσης εδώ.

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